Chasing Facades in Point Loma

I promised a follow up to my original See My City: Point Loma post in order to feature some of the wonderful homes in this area of San Diego. There are over 50 historic landmarks on Point Loma, many of which are residences. This post focuses primarily on the Loma Portal section of the neighborhood, where street lamps are placed in the middle of intersections and the streets are named for authors.

The styles here vary, from Craftsman to Spanish eclectic, Mediterranean to Modern, and the garden designs are as interesting as the homes.

I remember being a kid and opening up my mom's Country Living magazines and pouring over the designs inside; an interest in residential design has just always been my thing. So when I need to clear my head, a photo walk around a favorite neighborhood is often the tonic that works the best. Point Loma has become my go-to place in San Diego for this.

Also, there are great accessories to go along with these facades.

So if you're looking for some charm in the suburbs, come to Point Loma. It won't disappoint.