On Instagram collaborations and an expanding portfolio

Okay, so I admit that I had to find this blog under the huge pile of dust that had collected on it over the past four months. It's not that I don't have a long list of planned posts, but my motivation has just not been there.  I have been missing a creative spark - something that I could get excited about, something that would motivate me to sit down and write and share with you.

And it's not that I haven't been shooting, but much of it has been the SAME.  I have content fatigue from my own content. So when the lovely Conni from @artinthefind reached out to me on Instagram, I realized it was the creative lifeline that I needed. Conni is a fellow San Diegan who runs a successful fashion styling business, and she suggested that we meet and collaborate. Since one of my goals this year is to grow the lifestyle and editorial side of my portfolio, it seemed like the perfect match.

All the drama of the algorithm aside, I love the Instagram community. I love that you can find fellow creatives, admire their work, and potentially meet IRL and work together. Or at the very least have brunch together. And if collaborating means that I can also support a fellow female small business owner, that's even more exciting for me.

Kudos to Conni for trusting me with her lifestyle images, as my Instagram profile does not feature any portrait work. But I love shooting portraits, particularly when the model is as natural as Conni is and the venue is a cool as Kindred is.

So please consider this the launch of my lifestyle and editorial portfolio. I will be sharing more portraits here on the blog in the coming weeks - and Conni and I plan to work together more often, so expect to see her face again soon.

If anyone in the San Diego area is interested in working together on lifestyle and editorial shoots, please contact me!