Beyond Travel Photography

I am obsessed with lifestyle photography lately. I could scroll through portrait, street, and editorial photographers' feeds all day long. The composition, the lighting, the editing style .... there's so much thought and creativity that goes into it. I find it all incredibly inspiring.  And as much as I love travel photography - it will always be my go-to photographic style - I think the next challenge for me is to master my editorial style. All this to say that, occasionally, you may see a little bit more of this kind of thing on the blog and in my Instagram feed:

My daughter and I had the chance to visit an honest-to-goodness pumpkin patch at a local Pick Your Own farm this past week, and it was a great opportunity to test out my lifestyle lens. My favorite part, of course, was chasing after this little pumpkin (and trying to get her to look at the camera).

We passed by rows of fruit and vegetables, many lying dormant, waiting for their season to come again, but a few ripe stragglers remained.

The pumpkin patch was at the far end of the fields, and it was wonderfully wild and unkempt.

We set to work, both of us looking for "the one" (plus one for Daddy, of course).

What a fantastic place this was.  There weren't perfect rows of perfectly scrubbed pumpkins in the perfect shade of orange to select and take home, but rather pumpkins of all shapes and colors and varieties, still clinging to their vines, waiting for someone to get their fingernails dirty in the quest for the right one.  So get dirty we did.  And that beautiful bright orange one?  That one was all mine.

So am I ready to push my limits when it comes to my style? Yes. Do I have a lot to learn? More than I can even wrap my head around. But I'm always game for a good challenge. Let's do this.