As I try to get into a rhythm with this blog, I'm finding that it's easier for me to first pick the photos that I want to feature and then let the theme emerge from there.  For this post, the theme became immediately apparent as I was clearly OBSESSED with the gorgeous streets, narrow alleys and peek-a-boo passageways in Venice.  (Although there were a few narrow canals that caught my eye, too.)

My daughter has book about Venice that describes the city as "wedded to the water", and indeed it is, but over and over again, it was the street scenes that struck me as the most beautiful.

I'm also quite partial to all those beautiful arched passageways that beckon one to explore further.

And, yes, the canals are incredible and are what make Venice, Venice, and it's the narrow ones that I'm particularly drawn to.

But I'll pick the pavement over the water any day.  Venice, give me all your tiny streets.  I want to wander down every last one of them.

Excuse me while I go see what's down that little calle ...